About Me

My name is Manmeet Gill and every once in while I will try my best (I did say “try my best”) to post a random image…..People, buildings, flowers, insects..some B&W, some HDR, some color, some funky and mostly just plain simple…anything and everything that catches my eye.
A little bit about myself…I’m not a Professional photographer (far from it)….In fact I’m a D.V.M by profession….yeah you heard it right…I only have what most people would say just basic, scratch-the-surface knowledge of photoshop and lightroom and I know my way around some of the plugins…
But this blog is not about proving anything…this is only because I love photography and I love shooting pics just as I see them…
In nutshell the pictures you see on this blog might not be the best you have seen, but hey; this is how you learn (plus of course your comments will help a lot) and I think photography is all about learning
So enjoy and let the fun begin 🙂

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Gill,
    I am a graduate assistant at the ISU study abroad center and I am making a video to promote Iowa State to international exchange students. I was hoping I could use your photo of Cy in my little video. Please let me know if that would be alright.


  2. Hi Dr. Gill,

    I enjoy seeing your photos. You have a good eye and it’s obvious you love photography. I met you recently. Dr. Sandu and Danielle treated my dog Watson. You showed me Watson’s tumored spleen that was removed on July 11th. Watson is doing much better now.

    I happen to be a professional photographer and have a studio in Barrington, IL. It would be fun if you paid me a visit sometime and we can talk shop! I was happy to run across you blog.

  3. Hello, I currently work in Beardshear Hall and we are very interested in your photo from the April 2010. We would like to know more about purchasing rights to use this picture on our Accounts Receivable website, and a banner/foam board we will be creating for new student orientation. Could you please contact me and let me know if you have this picture available for university use and if so any costs associated/possible resolutions available. Your time is greatly appreciated.

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