Hello world!

For the next 365 days, I will try my best (I did say “try my best”) to post a random image…..People, buildings, flowers, insects..some B&W, some color, some funky and mostly just plain simple…anything and everything that catches my eye

A little bit about myself…I’m not a Professional photographer (far from it), nor do I have top of the line cameras or fast lenses….In fact I’m giving my Board exams to become a licensed veterinarian. (yeah that’s right…I would be treating animals)…I only have what most people would say just basic, scratch-the-surface knowledge of photoshop and I know my way around some of the plugins…

But this blog is not about proving anything…this is only because I love photography and I love shooting pics just as I see them…

In nutshell the pictures you see on this blog might not be the best you have seen, but hey; this is how you learn (plus of course your comments will help a lot) and I think photography is all about learning

So enjoy and let the fun begin šŸ™‚


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